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Balatonakali is a village in the district of Veszprém in Hungary. This village has only about 730 inhabitants and only one street. Balatonakali is located near the Balaton shore along the road running parallel to the Hungarian Sea. It was a church property and for a while served as the border castle with the Turkish Empire. The main economic activities in Balatonakali are viniculture and fruit farming. Before the development of tourism in this area people earned their living only with these activities. But today it is a popular tourist destination on the Balaton Lake.

As the village of Balatonakali is very small it has not many historical monuments. But it can offer a lot of leisure facilities. Despite its territory Balatonakali can offer something to watch. Two churches were built here. There are the Roman Catholic Church of the 18th century and the Lutheran church of the 19th century. In Balatonakali you can also enjoy the ancient houses. But the main attraction here is Art-Génius Galéria.

One of the types of vacationing in Balatonakali is camping sites. Recently The Strand and Holiday Campsites were built in the village to receive tourists. The campsites can offer its guests beautiful sand beaches, pitches and sunbathing facilities. Families with children in Balatonakali will be pleased by the playgrounds, children beach and trampoline. Here tourists can also enjoy fishing as well as shopping and restaurants serving dishes of the local cuisine.

Balaton Sea and Balatonakali are rich in accommodation facilities. You can always book a room in the hotels of the Hungarian Sea and its holiday houses. Among the popular hotels are Rogner Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme, Anna Grand Hotel Wine & Vital Balatonfüred, Wellness Hotel Katalin and others. Here you can be offered all the services needed for the wonderful holiday.

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